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Our Team of Experts work with your team using our proprietary Five Step Methodology to enable production rollout of Live Chat and automated business processes within four to six weeks…


…Here’s How.

One - Business Case - 2 to 3 Days

Select an existing manual process to automate using our Guidelines or a Live Chat use case with intents and user interactions.

Two - Requirements - 5 Days

Create the Requirements document for the process to automate or the Live Chat use case, interview the process owners, Signoff.

Three - Development - 5 to 10 Days

Build phase – Develop the business process to automate or the Live Chat dialogue per requirements, perform internal unit testing.


Four - UAT - 5 Days

Business User Acceptance Testing, Refinements & Fixes, Signoff.

Five - Production - 3 to 7 Days

Promote code into production environment, perform production UAT, Signoff.


Ongoing - Monitor & Support

RPA as a Service provides 24/7 monitoring & support for automated business processes.

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