Smart Bots

Smart Bots are helping the enterprise conduct business with customers and employees…
Let eAlliance put Smart Bots to work for your organization!

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Automation with Software Robots

Software Robots are Helping Enterprises Automate Manual Processes.
Let the eAlliance professionals show you Automation Done Right!

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Build Digital Applications

Build and Manage Modern, API-first, Mobile-first Applications.
Let the eAlliance professionals show you Development Done Right!

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Cloud Integration & Migration

Rapid Integration of Cloud & On-Prem Applications and Extending SaaS Applications.
Migration of your Workloads to the Cloud.

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Smart Bots

Smart Bots are helping the enterprise using conversational AI and machine learning technology to interact with customers for Customer Care and employees for IT Help Desk, Human Resources and Field Sales. More…

Software Robots

Automating long, error prone manual processes to free up your team for high value tasks, like Customer and Vendor Relationships, Performance Management and Predictive Analytics. More…

Digital Applications

Oracle Cloud Platform provides an easy, open, modern application development platform for enterprises to build and cost-effectively manage modern, API-first, mobile-first applications. More…

Integration & Migration

Cloud Integration and Migration delivered with sophisticated yet simple development tools and utilities, making Cloud integrations and migrations simple, stable and cost effective. More

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Increase in RPA use in 2017

Number of Processes at a Typical Company


Average RPA Cost Reductions for Onshore Operations

World Class Companies Leveraging World Class Technology

Whether it’s Smart Bots, Automation with Software Robots, Building Digital Applications, or Cloud Integration & Migration, let the professionals from eAlliance help you achieve business success by leveraging World Class Technology.

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